Facebook For Funds

Start a Facebook fundraiser campaign for Pinkwellchick Foundation.

Setting up a facebook fundraising campaign to benefit Pinkwellchick Foundation is easy and free (no fees). Checkout our how-to-guide, below.

GET READY: Before you start, decide:

1. Dollar amount you wish to raise in a couple of weeks.

2. End date.

3. Campaign image: Pinkwellchick logo, yourself or a Barb’s Bag (from our facebook page).  

GET SET: Step-by-step

1. Go to facebook. Search “fundraisers” and the page pops right up.

2. You’ll see two options: fundraise for a nonprofit (click this) or fundraise for a person.  

3. Search for Pinkwellchick Foundation and our organization appears.

4. The form automatically lists you as the organizer. Just add your goal and end date.

5. Tell your story. You are welcome to edit our copy to share why you are involved in Bag It. The Barb’s Bag copy is in the second paragraph. Use what you like, make it your own.

6. Use or upload an image. Click “create” and your campaign is LIVE. This means it’s an immediate post on your facebook timeline. You may pin the post to keep it at the top of your page in case friends see it but forget to give. They can find it if they visit your page later. 

GO: Amplify

1. Share facts or personal stories – with different images – during your campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer or what survivors go through. The more popular your posts, the more likely facebook is to show more of your network your campaign posts. You can add your fundraiser’s link to these posts, as well.

2. Vary the times you re-share the original fundraising posts. You’ll need to re-share the original post every few days. Encourage friends to share to their networks, too. 

3. Reply or Like your donors’ gifts and comments to show your appreciation.

4. PRO TIP: Ask a couple of friends or family members to donate right away to show immediate progress. Donors love seeing progress.

Thank you in advance for your care and support!

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