Exec Production Team

Carla Banks Waddles, Director (2013-present)

carla bio picCarla is a television comedy writer in Los Angeles who has written and produced such TV shows as For Your Love, That’s So RavenHalf & HalfThe Bill Engvall Show, the Fresh Beat BandSonny With A ChanceLet’s Stay Together, Lab Rats and The Soul Man. Most recently, she served as Creator and Executive Producer of One Love. Carla is currrently a writer on the new NBC hit People Are Talking. Carla handles script rewrites, casting, rehearsals, and all creative aspects of the production.

Crystal Houston, Director (2013-present)

Crystal HoustonCrystal is current Director of Digital Content and Marketing at Terros, former Director of Digital and Content Marketing for Valley of the Sun United Way, and an emerging screenwriter. She served as a staff writer for the TV pilot project The Palace and has several creative projects in development. As an experienced writer, Crystal oversees strategic stakeholder engagement communications leveraging digital media – from websites to blogs, video, e-communications and social media. Crystal also serves as director of the production and handles technical and actor logistics.

Tonya M. Evans, Producer (2014-present)

evans_300x266faculty_hb2-ashx1Tonya is a Professor of Law at the University of New Hampshire with expertise in the areas of intellectual property and entertainment law. She handles the intellectual property, contract, licensing, fundraising and finance aspects of the production.

Lori Hall Armstrong, Co-Producer (2014)

Lori Hall ArmstrongLori is the Principal and Chief Activation Officer of Verbify, a strategy activation consulting business based in New York. She specializes in strategically positioning clients and mapping out the steps to activate their ideas, needs and goals. Lori handled outreach and fundraising aspects of the 2014 production when she served as a founding member of the Board.

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