Through fundraising efforts, events, survivor essentials (including Barb’s Bag™of Care & Comfort for chemotherapy patients), productions of Life in the Cancer Lane™ and financial support of other organizations, allies and partners, PWCF™:

  • supports those diagnosed with breast cancer and heart disease and their families, particularly women in disenfranchised and underserved communities
  • raises awareness of breast cancer and heart disease
  • supports breast cancer and heart disease research
  • works for better detection, diagnosis and cures for breast cancer and heart disease

The Pinkwellchick® Foundation, Inc., (PWCF) is a Delaware not-for-profit corporation. PWCF™ was created by certificate of incorporation on December 6, 2013 and the Internal Revenue Service confirmed its tax-exempt status as a private foundation by determination letter dated July 8, 2014. By letter dated March 30, 2017, the IRS confirmed PWCF’s transition to public charity status. All donations received on or after December 6, 2013 (the effective date) are deductible pursuant to section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.


Support The Pinkwellchick® Foundation and Barbra’s passion to promote awareness, prevention, the cure and support for survivors, their families and caregivers. Donate in any amount that you are moved to share either by PayPal or credit card or via check made payable to Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc., and sent to the attention of PWCF, PO Box 61145, Harrisburg, PA, 17106.

*Donations processed via PayPal by PWCF. An actual PayPal account is not required to donate*

Donate NOW to support survivors & caregivers!

Meals … prescription support … cleaning, childcare & counseling services … transportation, lodging and MORE!


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