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What is Barb’s Bag™?

ClarkHarbert_bag-journal9Barb’s Bag™ of Care & Comfort is an actual bag filled with essential items for chemotherapy patients to not only survive but thrive during their chemotherapy treatments. Think of it as a chemo survival kit! Our founder, Barbra Watson-Riley, received a “chemo bag” early in her “life in the cancer lane” from her dear friend, and former Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc., board member Lori Hall-Armstrong. Barbra blogged regularly about how much she treasured that bag. It contained everything from an essential document organizer, to air sickness bags, aromatherapy, ginger candies, lotion, blanket, socks and much more.

Barb’s Bag™ of Care & Comfort will be of high-end material and include a range of products that Barbra identified as essential when going through chemotherapy.  The bag also includes “Real Talk” information about what to expect during chemo and an exclusive access code to stream Life in the Cancer Lane (Barbra’s play, with Hollywood star of stage and screen Valarie Pettiford) from any device in the United States.

What is included in Barb’s Bag™?

promobag_topviewThe bag includes a range of wearable items, personal care items, gadgets and accessories including:

  • blanket & pillow
  • non-slip socks
  • lotion, lip balm
  • potpourri sachet
  • lemon and ginger drops
  • journal, picture frame
  • puzzle books
  • informational pamphlets
  • sponsor-donated items
  • BONUS: unique code to streaming access for a limited time of Life in the Cancer Lane, by Barbra Watson-Riley

What is the Bag It for the Cause™ Day of Service?

The Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc.’s Bag It™ for the Cause Day of Service is PWCF’s annual service initiative to assemble to distribute free chemotherapy bags to cancer treatment infusion centers for female chemo patients diagnosed with breast cancer. This year, Bag It™ for the Cause is Saturday, September 26, 2015. More information.

I received Barb’s Bag and need an Access Code to stream LIFE in the CANCER LANE

Congratulations! We pray the bag has been a blessing to you during your treatments. Submit your request via the Play Access Request Form to get started.

About the 2015 Cities and Ambassadors

How to get involved to support Bag It™ for the Cause

Donate NOW to support survivors & caregivers!

Meals … prescription support … cleaning, childcare & counseling services … transportation, lodging and MORE!


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