Everything is not ok

1 Oct

Pink Ink…

From Parenthood “Everything is not OK” (Season 4, ep 3) on NBC.

Cancer Gal: First, everybody you know in your whole life and then a bunch you don’t know are going to pay WAY too much attention to you.  And the phone’s going to ring so much ‘till you want to shoot yourself! And then, a little while after that, people, they go back to their own lives, their own problems.  That’s when you find out.  That’s when you find out who your real friends are.

Kristina: I haven’t really told any of my friends, my family doesn’t know.   It’s just Adam so far.


Today kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  When I was thinking about what to post today, the above scene came to mind.  In 1 minute, it teaches so much.  So instead of reminding you to wear pink, how about what 1-minute of TV reminded me?

  • Everyone diagnosed with breast cancer needs a Cancer Mentor.
    • Over the next few days, you will meet mine.  Every newly diagnosed person needs someone to tell him or her the cold, hard truth.  Cancer Gal definitely kept it 100% real!
  • People DO go back to their own lives.  The calls stop. People avoid asking how you are, or they ask, but don’t care for the answer.
    • To fellow Survivors, it is ok to mourn the loss of friends who stop calling, or don’t check in.  It has taken me almost a year to let those friends go.  But everyday, I say a prayer of thanks for “Team Pinkwellchick”.
    • To those friends or family of those in the Cancer Lane, my advice to you is to REMAIN PRESENT. If you can’t bring yourself to call, drop a note in the mail, or email or text. Thanks to my friend who sent me a card every 10 days for the past year. Just DO SOMETHING! It makes a difference.
  • We must share our stories.  I have learned it is not a sign of weakness to share my fear, or struggle with breast cancer.  I have learned that we must be open about our journey.
    • Survivors are often worried about “burdening” our loved ones. We must get over that.  Fighting Cancer requires a strong team! Fighting Cancer gives us a right to think about ourselves first!  Survivors, talk about what you are going through!  Some have been turned off by my honesty. Many more are thankful.   It is only through sharing our stories that we learn.
    • Friends and family, don’t be scared to ask questions.  Share your fears and struggles.  The story you share can help someone else.


I look forward to seeing what NBC and Parenthood have in store for us over the next season! Yes, this is an unpaid endorsement of a great show!

While sifting through all the “Pink” of the day, remember,

  • A woman is diagnosed every 69 seconds.
  • Over 40,000 American women lost their lives to breast cancer in 2011.

For those women and their families…everything is not ok.




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