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8 Oct

Pink Ink…


It’s the 2nd Mammogram Monday of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Have you scheduled your mammogram yet?  Have you asked your mom or sister or BFF when was the last time they got a mammogram? Here’s another question….

Have you ever actually seen your mammogram films?

Ladies, it’s not enough to get a mammogram, and then breathe a sigh of relief when you get the call that everything is fine.

Tip: Ask to see you films at your next appointment.  You have the right to see your films.  Do not be embarrassed.  Ask your doctor to explain what you are looking at, and what they look for!  Looking at your films is part of knowing your body, and knowing what is “normal” for you.

Fact: The breasts are flattened during a mammogram in an effort to get a better picture of the breast.  It helps reduce the number of x-rays taken.  Remember, you can ask the tech to EASE the pressure if it feels too uncomfortable.

“Do something” tip of the day!

Imagine getting a mammogram, and then getting the call that you have breast cancer.  Well, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer approximately every 69 seconds!  Their life is forever changed.  You may not know someone who has been recently diagnosed. Lucky you! But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something!

Thanks to the ladies at Effie’s Paper (, I was introduced to Girls Love Mail.  This organization collects hand written letters of support and delivers them to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients!  What a great idea!  I immediately signed up for a monthly reminder to write a quick note.

Letters collected from friends this weekend

Get a card, and some stationery and write a note of support.  Not sure what to say?  Speak from the heart?  What would make you smile if you were in the Cancer Lane? I kept every letter, note, or card that I received.  When I feel low, I take a few out and read them.  It only takes 5 minutes to jot something down.  Take those words of support and drop them off at your local hospital’s oncology department or Susan G. Komen affiliate, or visit  I guarantee you that you will make someone smile, and feel good about it!

Need something effective to do this month? There it is!

Remember, we all…love mail!

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