Refresher of the world

22 Oct

Pink Ink…

It’s Chemo Beauty week!

Newsflash!  Chemo stinks!  It wreaks havoc on your body mentally and physically!  But are there things that can be done to help you feel or look better?  Of course there are!  So check back each day for a new chemo beauty tip!


This is probably the most important tip to those going through chemotherapy treatment!  Water is your friend!  Drink as much water as possible to help flush the drugs through your system.  The recommended amount is 2 quarts a day.  I drank a bottle on the way to the hospital to get me going.  Then I forced a bottle down on the way home.  After that, I tried to drink a bottle every couple of hours, making sure I did a full bottle before bed.  There were times when the nausea really made it difficult.  But this was one tip all the doctors agreed on.  Hydrate from the inside out!

Don’t forget to also MOISTURIZE the skin!  Chemo skin tends to dry out, which could lead to itchiness or peeling.  Using a mild, unscented, non-alcoholic moisturizer or cream can work wonders.  Look for lanolin in the list of ingredients, as it “locks in” moisture.  Baby oil is another good suggestion.

Don’t forget sun block! Chemo can affect the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Try to avoid lengthy exposure to the sun!

Finally, try cool showers.  Chemo is not the time for long hot baths or showers!

Water is the 1st step in looking and feeling better during chemo! Try it!

Remember.  “Water is the mother of the vine…the adorner and…refresher of the world.” -McKay


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