For Life

22 Nov

Pink Ink…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you are all enjoying your day!  Remember, the holidays are no excuse to ignore your health!  Enjoy the turkey, stuffing, pies etc.  But do so in moderation! Remember, a serving of meat should be no bigger than your fist!  Instead of rushing to the mall, how about walking outside with your family?  When reflecting on all the things you have to be thankful for, consider this:

Be thankful that YOU are control of your HEART health!

Be heart smart!

Be thankful that YOU can control your risk factors:

  • Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol! This is a must during the holiday season!

Be thankful that you CAN exercise!

  • Get off the couch. Do some pushups or jumping jacks during half time! Walk around the block.

Be thankful you KNOW not to smoke!

Be thankful that YOU are in control of your BREAST health! You have the knowledge and ability to be proactive!

Be thankful you know the recipe for breast health.

  • If over 40, an annual mammo.
  • 12 Self Breast Exams.
  • Annual Clinical Breast Exam.

Be thankful that you have access to your breasts everyday.  That means YOU have the ability to know what is NORMAL for YOUR breasts!

Whatever you choose to be thankful for today, remember that you must also be thankful…for life!

Be breast smart!


One Response to “For Life”

  1. Lois Watson November 23, 2012 at 11:22 AM #

    Beautiful! Love You. Mom

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