Walk On

6 Feb

Pink Ink…

It’s day 6 of Heart Month! Everywhere I turn, I see ladies in RED or lovely red dress pins.  The news anchors are wearing red, and people are talking about heart health.

What I haven’t seen a lot of, is the kids getting engaged.

On Feb 1st, I put a red shirt on my daughter, and packed a “healthier” lunch. The next day we did Just Dance 4™ together. My husband and I are trying to model good behavior for our daughter. Every day, she asks me if I worked out, or what I ate for lunch.  But by the 4th, I was wondering how much of this was really sinking in to my 10 year old’s brain.  Did she view this as another one of mom’s “causes” or was she learning about a lifestyle.  Then, she came home and told me about a program targeting fifth grade students’ health. She wanted to participate! My heart skipped a beat when I realized how excited she was. My words…or someone’s words…were sinking in!

Not sure what to do with your child?  Try creating a “family plan” based on one developed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona®!  Started in 2006, the Walk on Challenge™ is an “interactive, educational program designed…to help combat childhood obesity and motivate youth to incorporate exercise and healthy nutritional habits into their daily routine”.  By being active and living a healthy lifestyle, our kids will be heart healthy!  The crux of the program is to make sure children get 5210!

  • FIVE fruits and veggies a day
  • TWO hours or less, of screen time (computer, gaming, TV, telephone etc)
  • ONE hour of physical activity

    Play on!

    Play on!

  • ZERO sweetened drinks

5210 y’all!

At my daughter’s school, they are offering incentives for kids who follow the plan and track their progress all month on a calendar.  Create a calendar & an incentive plan for your child! What I like about this program is that it puts the responsibility into the hands of the child.  This is also a plan that could be incorporated into a family routine!

For more info, checkout  http://walkonaz.com/home/kids-parents/

So how can your family do this?

  • Smoothies in the morning or for after school/work snack.  Pack your veggies or fruits in a blender.  Or try the new V8 Fusions! They’re good! Mix them in a smoothie and your kid will never know!
  • Turn the tv OFF during dinner.  Set a time to turn off the computer, or cell phones.  Try and do it at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Take a walk at lunchtime, or with your child, after school.  Dance with your child! Alternate between your “old school” music and their “new music”.  This time could also open the lines of communication between you and your child.
  • Cut out soda, and juice!  It’s just bad for everyone! Add lemon or orange to your water, drink low fat or almond milk.  Try and stay away from sports drinks, unless you are actually getting physical.  They contain a lot of sugar and salt.


The earlier children learn heart health, the better. But it starts with us!

walk on!

walk on!

So live the number 5210, and remember to…Walk ON!


One Response to “Walk On”

  1. TME February 6, 2013 at 9:58 AM #

    I’ve been doing my daily smoothies and I’m definitely experiencing better overall health. In the gym or active about 5x each week. Have to work on that screen exposure though (sigh). But definitely lean, green and heart healthy in 2013 and beyond!

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