Remembering Barbra’s Light & Legacy on Mother’s Day

11 May
Photo credit: TME

Photo credit: Tonya M. Evans 2012

This Mother’s Day is not only a day of celebration and connection but also of reflection and restoration (and if you’re lucky … REST!).

Today’s holiday is yet another divine opportunity to reset your intention, repair your relationships, and check in on your health and well-being from the inside out.

The inevitability of death for us all is a reminder to authentically assess how we are living each day; in fact, each moment. Want to keep getting what you’re getting? Keep doing what you’re doing. If not, choose a different course. 

Until we take our last breath, we always have time to choose a different path and encourage those we nurture to do the same. As Huffington Post publisher and author of Thrive, Ariana Huffington says, “Ultimately, life is all about how quickly we course-correct.”

Barbra was an amazing example of how to course-correct, keep moving and make a difference in the world at large and in the world of her family, especially her daughter. She adapted quickly to her triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis and life circumstances. She forged ahead fearlessly to create a legacy of which her daughter could be proud. Many of our final conversations focused on just that; creating and maintaining a thriving legacy. Thus Life in the Cancer Lane and The Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. were born.

Her final days were filled with celebration, connection, health advocacy, reflection, restoration and, yes, even some rest. Let her life be your beacon of light to end each day with the same.

Happy Mother’s Day from Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc.!

Remember to live, to love and to DO SOMETHING, as Barbra would say.

Warm regards,

Tonya M. Evans, PWCF Chair

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