A moving message from Brendon Riley about Barbra, Blayre & Life in the Cancer Lane

20 Sep

brendon_blayre_wellsfargo2014 Dear Friends and Family,

As we approach the anniversary of Barbra’s transition to the next chapter in her story, Blayre and I continue to move forward with the love and support of our family and friends.  We couldn’t be more grateful for those who have surrounded us with their continued presence in our lives.  Though life has brought change for Blayre and me, certain things have not changed: our love for each other and for Barbra, our love of the Lord – who is the source of our strength, and our abiding passion to help others.

We’ve decided to celebrate, rather than memorialize, Barbra in the coming few weeks.  Much of that, Blayre and I will do privately.  However, we would love for you to join us as the Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. will celebrate Barbra’s memory during Breast Cancer Awareness Month by restaging Barbra’s play, Life In The Cancer Lane, in two shows on Saturday, October 18th at The Herberger Theater Center, 222 E. Monroe Phoenix, AZ 85004. We are thrilled that this year’s performance will feature Hollywood star of stage and screen, Valarie Pettiford.

Barbra was able to see her creation brought to life just weeks before her journey with us ended, and we are tremendously excited to present the play to the public again a year later.  All funds raised that evening will go to the 501(c)(3) organization that Barbra began, The Pinkwellchick Foundation.  This foundation focuses on promoting breast cancer awareness, prevention, and supporting survivors and families, as well as heart health among women.

Through the generosity of our sponsors and partners, as well as the determination of a small band of Barbra’s close friends, we have an opportunity to show the play in the beautiful Herberger Theater Center.  I’m honored and humbled by the grace demonstrated by our friends at the Herberger and look forward to sharing this special gift in a special venue.

brendon_blayre_fatheroftheyear2014Please join us and take part in this special occasion.  Seats are still available for both shows.  You may find details and purchase tickets with the links below. Please share this information with your networks.

See you on October 18th!



Use links to order tickets online or call (602) 252-8497

2:00 pm Performance

7:30 pm Performance (reception at 6:30 pm)*

*Tickets for evening performance include a pre-show reception

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