Your gifts to Pinkwellchick made a difference. Here’s our gift to YOU!

22 Dec

Happy Holidays Pinkwellchick Foundation Family!

LITCL_cover_2014It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since our Foundation’s breast cancer awareness benefit production of LIFE in the CANCER LANE by Barbra Watson-Riley, on October 18th at the Herberger Theater Center. The Board has been hard at work to plan for big things in 2015, including:

  • identifying organizations to partner with, seed and support
  • welcoming our latest Board member, Leslie M. Gray
  • planning for an advisory board
  • adding exclusive play video to the website (see below!)
  • and switching to pinkwellchick.ORG (from .COM).

Be sure to sign up to receive important updates at our website, LIKE us at Facebook, and FOLLOW @pinkwellchick on Twitter.

If you were able to attend LIFE in the CANCER LANE this year, we hope that you were engaged, informed and inspired! All net proceeds above and beyond our productions costs will be used to continue our work and to fund other charitable organizations that provide comfort, care and counseling to survivors and their caregivers in the forms of meal delivery, prescription support, lodging support, transportation to/from treatment, cleaning, childcare and other support services.

Because of people like YOU–our donors, sponsors, attendees and volunteers who donated time, talents and treasures–we raised in total over $40,000. We were also able to reallocate dozens of complimentary tickets to survivors. We received extremely positive feedback from attendees:

“Amazing, inspiring, spiritual, heartfelt, true, informative, awesome production. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL TO SEE.” Vivian – Survivor

“I could identify with segments of the dialogue from the play, and I was awed by the superb planning and execution of the entire event.” Sharon – Survivor

“It was FABULOUS! … it was well-paced, well-staged, well acted, well written & well-directed. I hadn’t expected the comedic elements, the moments of levity and diverse subject matter. … [B]ut it is a bittersweet moment in coming to this realization since the cost of this art comes at a price that is way too high.” Nykky

Bittersweet indeed. And a poignant reminder that our fight against breast cancer is far from over. Cancer takes too much, from too many, and far too soon. We remain committed to ensuring that survivors and their families not only survive but thrive! Thank you for joining us on the front lines of this mission.


On behalf of the PWCF Board I wish you the happiest of holidays. As our gift to you, enjoy the LIFE in the CANCER LANE video sneak peek at And please remember PWCF in your end-of-year charitable giving.

Remember, every dollar counts in the fight to survive and thrive!




Tonya M. Evans, Chair
Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc.

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