Donee Spotlight: Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer

10 Jun

Your donations at work!

The Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc., Board is proud to announce its $1,000 sponsor donation to the Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer. Our founder, Barbra Watson-Riley, was a founding Board Member of CBBC.

“Learn. Share. Support. Survivor Stories.”

The Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer (CBBC) mission is to provide high quality, reliable information and support to Black breast cancer patients within the Phoenix metropolitan area, and to educate the community about breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, and screening. The CBBC is the only group within Metro Phoenix that provides information or resources specifically for Black women and men with breast cancer. The CBBC is an initiative of The Phoenix Chapter of the Links, Incorporated, Sigma Pi Phi Gamma Mu Boule, and Mayo Clinic.

Every person of African descent who is a breast cancer survivor in the Phoenix Metropolitan area will have access to high quality information, and support, and resources to assist in their breast cancer journey. Furthermore, as a result of the survivor efforts, the black population within the Phoenix Metropolitan area will become more educated about breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.

Click here for more information about CBBC

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