Top five questions you need answers to about triple negative breast cancer

12 Jul

tnbc-infographic-large2Triple negative is a very aggressive type of breast cancer with poor survival rates. Our founder Barbra Watson-Riley was diagnosed in 2011 with stage-three TNBC and survived two years post-diagnosis.

She discussed her diagnosis, her Life IN THE Cancer Lane, and the legacy she intended to leave behind during an Arizona “Sonoran Living Live” television segment, replayed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2014.

In Laura Nathan-Garner’s article noted below, she discusses her interview with Naoto T. Ueno, M.D., Ph.D., section chief of Translational Breast Cancer Research in Breast Medical Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, to better understand TNBC.

Dr. Ueno identified five critical questions about what TNBC is, what the current treatment options are and essential advice for newly diagnosed patients:

  1. Are some people more likely to develop TNBC?
  2. How is TNBC typically treated?
  3. What progress are we making in offering more personalized TNBC treatment?
  4. What clinical trials are available at MD Anderson for TNBC patients?
  5. What’s your advice for newly diagnosed TNBC patients?

Read the article:

Triple-negative breast cancer: 5 things you should know

More triple negative breast cancer resources at

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