Sponsors, Donors & Volunteers are making a difference. You can too!

8 Sep


Become a Sponsor

 Diamond ($1,000-20 bags)

  • The Riley Family
  • Charisse Lillie, Esquire
  • Leslie Gray
  • Vanessa Bradley
  • Dontrey Britt-Hart & Brett Hart

Platinum ($500-10 bags)

  • Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Watson, Sr.
  • Paul Ashley

Gold ($250-5 bags)

  • Liz Laputka
  • Professor Tonya M. Evans, Esquire
  • Wendy Willis

Silver ($100-2 bags)

  • Kurt Radke
  • Thelma Morris
  • Barbara Ash, Esquire
  • Clyde Cole
  • Tony Daniels
  • Karen Tinglin, Esquire
  • Leah and Nana Budu
  • Josetta Jones
Patrons ($50-1 bag)
  • The Honorable Covette Rooney
  • Nicole Morris
  • Cenovia Williams

Become a Sponsor

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