Hosts of THE MOTHERS features Pinkwellchick on SURVIVING CANCER ep today 9/24

24 Sep


TUNE IN to today’s engaging, informative show SURVIVING CANCER with Pinkwellchick Board member Crystal Houston on “Family Matters” with THE MOTHERS. The show airs on Independent Talk KFNX 1100 10:00 am-Noon PT.

Crystal and the hosts will discuss our BAG IT™ for the CAUSE breast cancer awareness initiative to assemble and distribute hundreds of chemo care & comfort bags in various cities across the country. The goal is to improve the lives of women living with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy.


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About the Show

“Family Matters” with The Mothers radio show is a one-of-a-kind program, based around a four woman panel.  The show has broad-based audience potential and a laser-sharp focus.  Hosts of “The Mothers” will discuss all topics that everyday women and men talk and worry about, particularly when it comes to raising their children.  These women have diverse backgrounds and opinions, and will be discussing all kinds of different issues concerning their children and family:  i.e. raising children, significant others, family, politics, personal concerns, and more.




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Support BAG IT™ for the CAUSE & PWCF!


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