BAG IT for the CAUSE Sponsor deadline: July 31st

6 Jul

We. Need. YOU!

Help us reach our goal to distribute at least ONE THOUSAND “BARB’S BAG® of Chemo Care & Comfort” bags during BAG IT® for the CAUSE 2016. Become a sponsor by JULY 31st so that we can begin our bulk ordering process in preparation for the Weekend of Service (9/30-10-2).


We seek sponsors to help subsidize (or fully sponsor) the production and distribution of BARB’S BAG®. One hundred percent of sponsorship dollars is tax-deductible. Consult your tax professional for additional information. Each bag costs $50 to produce and at least $10 for shipping/handling.

Each location commits to assemble at least 50-100 bags for each BAG IT® event location. The more money we raise, the more bags we can distribute during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and have on-hand to fulfill requests throughout the year.




Donate to PWCF NOW to support survivors & caregivers!

Meals … prescription support … cleaning, childcare & counseling services … transportation, lodging and MORE!


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