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You’ve saved the date, now seal the deal to see LIFE in the CANCER LANE by Barbra Watson-Riley!

6 Jul

Tickets on sale now!

$60 in advance, $75 at the door (if available)

Monday, July 31st at 8:00 PM
A Cobb/NMA & PWCF charitable fundraiser sponsored by:
Temple University
Neubauer Family Foundation
Brian and Aileen Roberts
Dr. Rodney and Mrs. Robyn Hood
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Watson
Charisse Lillie, Esq.
Michael and Lori Hall Armstrong


With honesty, heart and humor, this story is told from the real-life accounts of survivors and their caregivers, examining life after diagnosis and what happens when these women are thrown head first into the Cancer Lane. Whether it’s the chemo side effects or loss of hair and friends, the play examines the twists, turns and bumps in the road along the breast cancer journey.

LITCL was created by PWCF’s founder, Phoenix playwright and activist Barbra Watson-Riley, who in the midst of her own battle with breast cancer, gave birth to this powerful production. Even after her death in 2013, Barbra’s story endures; informing and impacting the lives of anyone who has ever been touched by the disease. This production is directed by Philly’s own Stephanie Renee McNeal.

This charitable fundraiser event is presented by Pinkwellchick® Foundation, Inc., in partnership with the W. Montague Cobb National Medical Association Health Institute. Both organizations are 501(c)(3) organizations and all proceeds benefit their respective missions and initiatives.

This event WILL sell out, so purchase your tickets or sponsor for VIP tickets today!


PWCF partners with The Cobb Institute to present LIFE in the CANCER LANE in Philly!

26 Jun

A note from PWCF Board Chair, Professor Tonya M. Evans

Greetings Friend:

As the Chair of the Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. Board, I write with great enthusiasm to announce that PWCF has partnered with the W. Montague Cobb National Medical Association Health Institute to present Life in the Cancer Lane, a play written by our founder, Barbra Watson-Riley, the late daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Watson, Sr., during the 115th National Medical Association Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly.

In the midst of her battle with breast cancer, Barbra gave birth to this powerful production and attended the play’s debut in October 2013 just weeks before she passed away. Even after her death in 2013, her story endures; informing and inspiring the lives of anyone who has been touched by cancer.

We will present the performance as a fundraiser on Monday, July 31st at 8:00 PM in the Nutter Theatre at the Philadelphia Convention Center, a state-of-the-art 600-seat theater, with post-show fireside chat and VIP reception to follow. We need your support to present Barbra’s work in its highest and best light for the greatest impact to educate and inspire patients, caregivers, and medical professionals.

I am writing personally to ask for your support.

How You Can Help

PWCF is a 501(c)(3) created to continue Barbra’s tireless work to promote breast cancer awareness, to fund research for a cure, and to support and encourage survivors, their families and caregivers.

The Cobb Institute, also a 501(c)(3), conducts studies and offers recommendations for elimination of health disparities that affect African-Americans and other populations of color. W. Montague Cobb was a forceful advocate for racial integration of hospitals and medical schools.

On behalf of the Board, I thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to connecting with you to encourage and improve the lives of survivors in underserved communities nationwide.

For more information, visit

Warm regards,


Help us BAG IT for the CAUSE by gifting chemo care & comfort bags to women living with breast cancer

17 Jun


Our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraising drive, BAG IT® for the CAUSE, has officially begun. BAG IT® for the CAUSE is our National Service Initiative to assemble and to distribute free Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort chemotherapy bags. We distribute BARB’S BAG® directly to women and also to healthcare partners for women diagnosed with breast cancer undergoing treatment, especially women in underserved communities.

Since 2014, we have distributed over 1,000 free bags. We need your help to continue to bless the lives of women living with breast cancer. Donate today!

Gift a bag and bless a life!

What is Barb’s Bag™?

ClarkHarbert_bag-journal9Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort is an actual bag filled with essential items for chemotherapy patients to not only survive but thrive during their chemotherapy treatments. Think of it as a chemo survival kit!

Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort is made of high-end material and includes a range of products that Barbra identified as essential when going through chemotherapy.  The bag also includes “Real Talk” information about what to expect during chemo and radiation therapy.

Click on the links for more information about the BAG IT© for the Cause Day of Service.

What is included in Barb’s Bag™?


The bag includes a range of wearable items, personal care items, gadgets and accessories including:

  • blanket & pillow
  • non-slip socks
  • lotion, lip balm
  • potpourri sachet
  • lemon and ginger drops
  • journal & picture frame
  • puzzle books
  • informational pamphlets
  • and more!


Support BAG IT® for the CAUSE 2017

Help us help survivors! #CelebrateLife #NCSD2017

4 Jun

Join us to support breast cancer survivors, their families & caregivers!

Happy family of five together at home

Chemo care and comfort bags, meals, prescription support, cleaning, childcare & counseling services, transportation, lodging and MORE!




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SAVE THE DATE: BAG IT® for the CAUSE returns 9/29-10/1

5 May

Palm Beach, FL BAG IT volunteers

September 29-October 1, 2017

CA <> NY <> FL <> TX <> IL … your state?

BAG IT® for the Cause Weekend of Service is the annual service initiative of Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. to assemble and to distribute free Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort chemotherapy bags to female chemo patients diagnosed with breast cancer and to cancer treatment infusion centers and other healthcare partners, with a particular focus on women in under-served communities. In 2016, our BAG IT® for the CAUSE volunteers, led by our dedicated BAG IT® Ambassadors in seven cities, prepared and distributed 625 BARB’S BAG® of Chemo Care & Comfort bags during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year we want to make an even greater impact.

We need YOU to help make that happen.

Save the date. Get involved. DO SOMETHING

|Ambassador|Healthcare Partner|Volunteer|

Nurse Navigators-Houston BAG IT® 2016

Support BAG IT® for the CAUSE!


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Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) recognized originally as a private foundation by determination letter as of 12/6/2013. As of 1/1/2017, PWCF is now recognized as a public charity.
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