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SAVE THE DATE: BAG IT® for the CAUSE returns 9/29-10/1

5 May

Palm Beach, FL BAG IT volunteers

September 29-October 1, 2017

CA <> NY <> FL <> TX <> IL … your state?

BAG IT® for the Cause Weekend of Service is the annual service initiative of Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. to assemble and to distribute free Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort chemotherapy bags to female chemo patients diagnosed with breast cancer and to cancer treatment infusion centers and other healthcare partners, with a particular focus on women in under-served communities. In 2016, our BAG IT® for the CAUSE volunteers, led by our dedicated BAG IT® Ambassadors in seven cities, prepared and distributed 625 BARB’S BAG® of Chemo Care & Comfort bags during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year we want to make an even greater impact.

We need YOU to help make that happen.

Save the date. Get involved. DO SOMETHING

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Nurse Navigators-Houston BAG IT® 2016

Support BAG IT® for the CAUSE!


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Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) recognized originally as a private foundation by determination letter as of 12/6/2013. As of 1/1/2017, PWCF is now recognized as a public charity.

BAG IT® for the CAUSE Brings Care and Comfort to Hundreds of Breast Cancer Survivors in Seven Cities

30 Sep

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2016
CONTACT: Tonya Evans, Chair pinkwellchickfoundation@gmail.com

Bring Care and Comfort to Hundreds of Breast Cancer Survivors in Seven Cities

#BagItChicago with Advocate Health Partners

#BagItChicago with Advocate Health Partners

The Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc. kicks off a season of “Bag It® for the Cause” Days of Service starting Saturday, Sept. 26 through Oct. 16, 2016. This annual service initiative engages volunteers to assemble and distribute free Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort chemotherapy bags to cancer treatment centers, nurse navigators and other organization to assist patients diagnosed with breast cancer.


Houston Oncology Nurse Navigators 2016

Barb’s Bag® Ambassadors will lead gatherings in seven cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Palm Beach (FL), Phoenix, and Sarasota. The Sarasota BAG IT event features a special production of LIFE in the CANCER LANE, written by PWCF’s founder Barbra Watson-Riley, by Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe. The event includes panel discussions with her parents, Lois and Dr. Bernard Watson, Board Chair Dean Tonya M. Evans, doctors and health care advocates.

Donation center partners include: White Memorial Medical Center/Adventist Health, Memorial Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Program, Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care’s (MECCC) BOLD Program, Singleton Moms, Good Samaritan Medical Center, and The Cancer Care Unit at Advocate Trinity Hospital.

What is Barb’s Bag®?

promobag_topviewBarb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort is a tote bag filled with essential items for chemotherapy patients to not only survive but thrive during their treatments. It’s a beautiful and vital chemo survival kit! Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc., founder, Barbra Watson-Riley, received a “chemo bag” early in her “life in the cancer lane” from a dear friend, and former foundation board member Lori Hall-Armstrong. Barbra was so encouraged and inspired that she blogged regularly about how much she treasured the bag. Today, recipients of these helpful bags cherish the contents and tell similar stories of relief and comfort.

Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort is made of high-end materials and include a range of aids and products that Barbra identified as essential when going through chemotherapy. The bag also includes “Real Talk” information about what to expect during chemo and access to stream LIFE in the CANCER LANE to “live, laugh and learn” about other cancer survivor’s personal journeys.

About PWCF

logo-Pinkwellchick_whitePWCF™ is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable private foundation (seeking public status). Through fundraising efforts, events, survivor essentials (including Barb’s Bag® of Care & Comfort for chemotherapy patients), productions of Life in the Cancer Lane™ and financial support of other organizations, allies and partners, PWCF™:

  • raises awareness of breast cancer and heart disease
  • supports breast cancer and heart disease research
  • works for better detection, diagnosis and cures for breast cancer and heart disease
  • supports those diagnosed with breast cancer and heart disease and their families

About the Founder

Memorial PhotoBarbra Watson-Riley was diagnosed in September 2011 with advanced stage 3 breast cancer. Her treatment included chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and radiation. Six months after completing treatment, she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer of the lung. Barbra’s valiant journey came to an end on November 7, 2013 but her mission, purpose and play live on.


2016 BAG IT for the CAUSE … Save the Date!

24 Apr

In 2015 we had one mission …

to prepare and distribute 500 BARB’S BAG® of Chemo Care & Comfort bags to women diagnosed with breast cancer during our National Day of Service. We did it because of YOU!


This year, our goal is to double the effort during an entire weekend!

Due to extreme demand and the ever-present need, volunteers across the country will prepare and distribute at least 1,000 bags during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also create enough bags to meet the needs of survivors throughout the year.

To accomplish this goal we need you to SAVE THE DATE!


#BagItChicago with Advocate Health Partners


PWCF BAG IT® for the CAUSE National Weekend of Service

September 30-October 2, 2016

Los Angeles♦Phoenix♦Houston♦Palm Beach & Miami, FL♦Philly/NJ♦NYC

Support BAG IT for the CAUSE!


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Support BAG IT for the CAUSE!


The Bag It™ for the Cause countdown is on & we need you!

29 Aug


Pinkwellchick Community …

We need YOUR support!

How can you get involved to support Bag It™ for the Cause?

Sponsor. Donate. Volunteer.

Become a Sponsor, Patron or Donor to help PWCF to underwrite the cost to produce and deliver Barb’s Bag™ of Care & Comfort for chemotherapy or Volunteer to help assemble bags on the Saturday, September 26th Day of Service in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, New York or Miami.

Barbra Watson-Riley's actual chemo bag!

Founder Barbra Watson-Riley’s chemo bag!

Click on our brand new logo to get started!

Every dollar donated is tax-exempt and goes to produce and distribute Barb’s Bag™ for the Bag It™ for the Cause Day of Service.



Diamond $1,000:

Brendon P. Riley, Paul Ashley, Vanessa Bradley, Dontrey Britt-Hart & Brett Hart, Leslie M. Gray, Charrise Lillie, Esq.,

Platinum $500:

Bernard Watson Sr. & Lois Watson

Gold $250:

Liz, Steve & Lucy Laputka, Tonya M. Evans

Silver $100:

Thelma L. Morris, Kurt Radke

Patrons $50:

Coming soon

Please make checks payable to Pinkwellchick, Foundation, Inc and send to PO Box 61145, Harrisburg, PA 17106

or donate online.

Save the Date! Sept. 26th is PWCF “Bag it for the Cause” Day of Service in a city near you!

11 Aug


What is the Bag It for the Cause™ Day of Service?

The Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc.’s Bag It™ for the Cause Day of Service is PWCF’s inaugural annual service initiative to assemble and to distribute complimentary Barb’s Bagof Care & Comfort chemotherapy bags to cancer treatment infusion centers for female chemo patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

This year, Bag It™ for the Cause is Saturday, September 26, 2015. Barb’s Bag Ambassadors will lead gatherings in six cities: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Phoenix. We need YOU to make this service initiative a grand success. This initiative is #AllforBarb and the countless women in under-served communities diagnosed with breast cancer and facing chemotherapy every day.

Volunteer. Donate. Sponsor. Use the links below for more information and please spread the word!

About Bag It™ for the Cause Ambassador™?

The 2015 Cities and Ambassadors

Get involved to support Bag It for the Cause™?


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