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Babe, feel this…

11 Jun

The moment every breast cancer survivor (and their family) remembers. “Babe, feel this …” is Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc., founder Barbra Watson-Riley’s first post about finding her lump and the immediate barrage of tests, the arduous journey of telling family and friends, and the beginning of her road to recovery, her “LIFE in the CANCER LANE”.


pink ink

All my girls know the 1st chance I get to take off my bra, I will. September 7th was no different. Or so I thought! Walking in the door @ 9pm, I “flash danced” my bra off, hopped on the bed and massaged my boobs. Having tiny ones, that didn’t take long. Then I felt it. A large nugget in my right boob. No pain, but it has hard and new. No panic. Just “babe, feel this”.

He felt it, turned back to the tv, and said “girl, that’s your lymph nodes”. Really? That’s it? Yup, that was it. But I spent half the night feeling myself. Did I dream it? Is it really there? Feels big. Is it? Will it be gone in the morning? No, 7 am. Still there.

As soon as my daughter got on the school bus, I called my doctor. The receptionist was…

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