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When your body speaks … listen!

2 Nov

“Our bodies are amazing. They respond to every little thing going on in our lives. To heal and stay in balance, we must remember that it is our job to nurture and support our bodies the best that we possibly can in any given moment. We must remember to be patient, forgiving and kind to ourselves. We must stop pretending that we know what is best for us and ask our bodies to guide and help us. Our bodies are incredibly happy to communicate with us, we just need to remember to slow down and make it a priority to listen.” ~ Robin Lee, Learning to Listen to Our Bodies Wisdom @ TheDailyLove.com

Guest Post by Tonya M. Evans at WisdomintheWhisper.com

November 2, 2012

Guest ink …

I am honored to share this guest post on behalf of my sisterfriend PinkWellChick™. She is a shining example to me and, perhaps to you, of what it means not only to survive but to thrive!

One of the many reasons I am humbled and awe-struck by her story of survival and tireless commitment to breast cancer awareness, is because she “walks the talk” fearlessly and with grace, always. She uses her life and her story as a beacon of hope for others to find their way and to find their own shine!

I hope you enjoy this post, which appeared originally at my blog wisdominthewhisper.com. And remember … when your body speaks, listen! PinkWellChick™ says doing so saved her life, literally! Please share your thoughts, comments and encouragement for PinkWellChick™ and join her in “walking the talk”! Cancer REAL talk.

Be blessed and a blessing,

Tonya Marie


Sometimes life moves almost as fast as the speed of light. The alarm blares. The family needs. The friends request. The boss demands. Everyone in your life needs something … now.

With all of those demands and expectations to meet, who has time to eat, workout, rest or just take a “Calgon” moment (remember that commercial??)? Then again, with all those things going on, the better question is who has time not to? Continue reading

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