25 Oct

Pink Ink…

Day 3 of Chemo Beauty Week!

So we know to hydrate inside and out.  We know that you can still have fab nails.  How about make up?  As chemo starts to affect the body you may see some changes in the texture of your skin.  I developed dark circles under my eyes, and lost my eyebrows and eyelashes.  Before Chemo, I wasn’t a “full face” kind of gal.  But I soon realized that this was not the time to go without make up or skin care.  So to avoid looking like an alien, I put together my make up first aid kit.

Tip #3: Don’t forget the face essentials!

Below are MY face essentials.  Use what feels right to you!  But remember, every gal benefits from some concealer, bronzer and lip-gloss!

My face essentials!

  • Oil of Olay Complete: This is a great moisturizer that also has SPF in it, to protect the skin.
  • Fiberwig Massacre:  My eyelashes didn’t fall out immediately.  I put a very light coat of massacre on when they started to thin.  Be careful when washing the face, so you don’t inadvertently pull them out!   (Available at Sephora or Ricky’s)
  • Stencils by Anastasia: RUN to get these stencils even if you aren’t going through chemo!  The pack comes with several sizes and shapes.  They are easy to use and don’t give that “drawn on” look.  I now use one of the shapes for my real brows!
  • Baby Tip: Use a pencil to draw them on in SHORT strokes.  Then blend in powder after you get the shape.  The pencil helps it look natural.
  • MAC Prep & Primer:  Use this after your moisturizer and before your blush/bronzer. It helps set your make up and extends the wear.
  • MAC Bronzer: For that all over glow.
  • MAC Lip Glass:  I kept a Lip Glass or Lustreglass with me at all times. There are too many shades to count.  It doesn’t wear off and adds a light sheen.
  • Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener: A must for ANY gal!  No better product to cover those under eye circles.

So there you have it!  These products will work if you are going through chemo or not.

Remember, every girl needs her…essentials!

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