Scary! Boo!

31 Oct

Pink Ink…

Happy Halloween!  As the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would give you a few bonus Chemo Beauty Tips!

It’s all about the head!

That’s right! THE HEAD!  What do people think about when you mention chemo?  First, the nausea.  Then, the hair falling out!  Everyone has their own take on what to do when the hair begins to fall out.  Whether you decide to wear a wig, turban, scarves or go bald there are some things you should know.  But first, the basics.

What to expect:

Any doctor will give you the disclaimer:
“ Your hair may not fall out.”

I have yet to meet the breast cancer patient whose hair hasn’t fallen out, so we will move on.  If you are like most of us, the hair will start to thin after the 2nd treatment, and completely fall out by the 3rd.

Tip: Go wig shopping BEFORE your hair falls out!

This allows the wig fitter to see what you look like with hair.  This is helpful especially if you want a wig to match your real hair.  But don’t be afraid to use this time to sample new hair lengths, and colors!  Take a friend with you, and have fun trying new looks! Take pictures!  PS: Don’t forget a wig cap!

Bonus tip: Take your wig to your stylist.

Don’t you hate to see wigs…that are clearly wigs!  Don’t be that gal!  Ask your stylist to trim your wig or put in some highlights! It makes a difference!

Tip: Take control of the balding:

Off with the hair!

When I started to see me hair really thin out, I decided to be in control of my situation.  My family and I had a shaving party…on Halloween!  If you think you are going to be emotional over losing your hair, shave it before you wake up and find it on your pillow! Watching my hair swirl down the shower drain was much more stressful than shaving it off! Once it’s off, don’t forget to moisturize the scalp…EVERYDAY!

Bonus tip: Use conditioner on your scalp when you shower!  Also Moroccan Oil is a great product to keep your head moist and with a very light sheen.  Nothing is worse than an itchy scalp.

Tip: Have fun!

That may sound crazy.  But if you are going through chemo, you are going to be bald for a while.  Why not switch it up?

  • Rock the Baldy.  It may sound daunting.  But after the 1stfew days, you forget that you don’t have hair!  It is a great feeling to get in the shower and have the water roll off your head.  BUT if you decide to rock a baldy, don’t forget your face! (See previous post!) Also, don’t be afraid to dust some bronzer on your head!  Then wear your baldy with pride!  Don’t use the excuse “I don’t have the head for it.”  As hard as it may be, celebrate the fact that you are still alive and kicking cancer’s butt!

    Bald & Beautiful

  • Scarves are a good alternative to wigs! They come in all shapes and sizes.  You can wear them like bandanas, turbans, or JLo style!!  Throw on some big earrings and BAM! It takes some practice. Check out YouTube or practice in the mirror.

    Wrap it up!

  • Hats!  Again, don’t be afraid to switch it up!  Don’t feel like putting the wig back on to go to the grocery store.  Grab a hat!  Add earrings, some lip-gloss, and go!

    Wig it out!

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween treat!  Remember, being bald doesn’t have to be…scary! Boo!

One Response to “Scary! Boo!”

  1. K Anderson Ross April 3, 2013 at 11:44 AM #

    Thank you! This is very inspirational and encouraging!

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