Five REALLY good reasons to do Self Breast Exams … plus one more from @Pinkwellchick

28 Jan

Greetings Pinkwellchick Family,

Today, January 28th, 2014, would have been Barbra’s 46th birthday. Only a few months ago her valiant two-year fight against breast cancer ended. I remember when it began. After a “clean” mammogram, she discovered her lump while conducting a self-breast exam.

In my mind, that is the number one reason to do SBEs every … and I mean every month. When you know your body, you are your own best healthcare advocate. When your body speaks, listen!

The article quoted below gives you 5 more reasons, especially if you’re under age 40 (the age doctors generally recommend that women begin getting mammograms). Studies show that younger women diagnosed with breast cancer generally experience more aggressive forms of cancer. This was certainly true of the triple negative breast cancer that plagued Barbra.

Women’s Health advises:

“When you’re young, breast cancer is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, it shouldn’t be. Although breast cancer in young women is significantly less common among those from 20 to 39, it does happen…. Finding time to incorporate breast self exam into your monthly schedule is easy when you realize just how important it is.


Remember, anytime you see or feel any kind of change in your breast(s) you should see your health-care provider. Only a qualified medical professional can definitively diagnose the cause of breast issues. Breast changes don’t always mean breast cancer, but they do mean you should see your doctor. “

Here are five MORE really good reasons to conduct self-breast exams (and how to do it)

As Pinkwellchick® would always say … DO SOMETHING!

Do it for her. Do it for YOU. Encourage someone else to do it too!

Be well, wise, & encouraged!

Tonya, PWCF Co-Chair

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