Pinkwellchick Foundation Honors Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day with Awareness & Action

3 Mar

March 3rd is National Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day!

TNCB Day logo

Remembering Barbra on TNBC Day! 3-3-14

Founded by The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (TNBCF), Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day (March 3rd each year) is touted as “a national day of awareness and grassroots fundraising events to help eradicate triple negative breast cancers and assist those impacted by the disease.”

TNBCF explains on its website that although the day is a serious one of reflection and action, “the tone is positive as we celebrate all those who join our efforts in tackling the next frontier in breast cancer.” Today is the second annual event.

Our own Pinkwellchick® Barbra Watson-Riley was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer after discovering the lump during a self-breast exam after a “clean” mammogram. She worked tirelessly to educate people about breast cancer and heart health and devoted her life and life’s work to supporting survivors, their families and finding a cure.

She was so very passionate about health, family and community.  Barbra lived her beautiful life “out loud” and devoted every day to blogging, speaking and challenging individuals, organizations and communities to DO SOMETHING. One of Barbra’s greatest accomplishments was creating her play Life in the Cancer Lane™, staged for the first time AND witnessed by Barbra shortly before she transitioned.

We founded the non-profit Pinkwellchick® Foundation, Inc., to continue her work of awareness and action. We invite you to join our efforts with your time, talents and treasures in the days, weeks and years to come.

The Facts About Triple Negative Breast Cancer


Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is one of many forms of breast cancer.
Forms of breast cancer are generally diagnosed based on the presence or absence of three “receptors” known to fuel most breast cancer tumors: estrogen, progesterone and HER2-neu.
A diagnosis of TNBC means that the tumor in question is estrogenreceptor negative, progesterone-receptor negative and Her2-negative. In other words, triple negative breast cancer tumors do not exhibit any of the three known receptors.
Receptor-targeting therapies have fueled tremendous recent advances in the fight against breast cancer. Unfortunately, there is no such targeted therapy for triple negative breast cancer.
TNBC tends to be more aggressive, more likely to recur, and more difficult to treat because there is no targeted treatment.
TNBC disproportionately strikes younger women, women of African, Latina or Caribbean descent, and those with BRCA1 mutations.
Approximately every half hour, another woman in the US is diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

Follow Barbra’s Lead

Barbra_003So what would Barbra be doing today? The short answer is EVERYTHING! The links below will lead you to a range of suggestions on ways big and small to participate, including making a donation to this Foundation:

  • Donate $33 to PWCF in recognition and support of Barbra’s “life in the cancer lane” and in honor of 3-3-14 National Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day [visit the donations page]
  • Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @PinkWellChick and @LifeNCancerLane
  • Follow this blog (links at top of the page) to receive automatic e-mail updates of our activities and events.
  • Post pictures of Barbra on our Facebook page and via Twitter today with hashtags #rememberBarb #TNBCDay
  • Visit The TNBCF website at
  • Share this FAQ info sheet about triple negative breast cancer with your friends, family and networks [Click to access PDF]

Whatever you do … DO SOMETHING. Barbra created a vibrant, diverse community of family and friends. Let us remain united in this “life in the cancer lane” in her honor to educate, support and find a cure!

Be wise & well!

Tonya M. Evans, PWCF Co-Chair & webmaster

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2 Responses to “Pinkwellchick Foundation Honors Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day with Awareness & Action”

  1. Bruce Selkirk March 3, 2014 at 4:24 PM #

    A little more than two years ago, I lost my 39 year old wife to TNBC. Since then, I have raised $1 million to find a cure. We expect our first clinical trial to begin sometime this summer. Here’s a link with more information.

    • TME March 3, 2014 at 4:27 PM #

      Bruce, Thank you so much for sharing your wife’s story and information. And bravo to all that you are doing to honor her life and to find a cure for TNBC. We stand WITH you. Be encouraged. Thanks for making the connection. ~ Tonya, PWCF Co-Chair

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