BAG IT for the CAUSE 2018 … ready, set?

27 Sep

We are excited to announce our slate of 2018 BAG IT for the CAUSE® Ambassadors. These dedicated volunteers and healthcare partners will lead our national service campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative to prepare and distribute BARB’S BAG® of chemo care and comfort to 500 female breast cancer patients from, primarily, under-served communities, who are in active treatment.


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2018 BAG IT® for the CAUSE Ambassadors

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Chicago (Schwab), Karen Tinglin [50 bags]

  • Medical Partner: Advocate Illinois Masonic Cancer Institute

Chicago (AKA Chi Omega Omega-Imani Pearls Community Development Program). Hanneke L. Hall [50 bags]

  • Medical Partner: Advocate Trinity Hospital

East Bay, CA (AKA Omega Upsilon Omega) [50 bags]

  • Medical Partner: Kaiser Richmond and/or Charlotte Maxwell Clinic (TBC)

Bradenton, FL (We Care Manatee) [25 bags]

  • Medical Partner: We Care Manatee

Los Angeles, Carla Banks Waddles [100 bags]

  • Medical Partners: White Memorial Hospital and Martin Luther King Hospital

New York, Karen Williams [100 bags]

  • Medical Partner: Montefiore Cancer Center-BOLD Living Program

Phila (AKA Omega Omega), Susan Borden Evans & Dr. Edith Mitchell [50 bags]

  • Medical Partner: Jefferson Health

San Francisco (MSFT), Soror Leslie M. Gray [75 bags]

  • Medical Partner: (TBC)

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Support BAG IT® for the CAUSE


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