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Think about it

27 Sep


Pink Ink…

Breast Cancer Awareness Glass

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Even though kickoff is still 4 days away, you may already feel inundated or tired of all the pink ribbons, products, and calls for pledges or a Cure.

The truth of the matter is that Breast Cancer Awareness is not just one month.  As a Survivor, I think I speak for many, when I say we are aware of our breast health every day, all year.  For women, breast health awareness must become a lifestyle.

A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer approximately every 69 seconds.

Every 69 seconds.

If you don’t want to participate in a Race in October, that’s ok.  But do something.  Some thoughts:

  • Schedule a mammogram.
  • Do a self-exam.
  • Ask your mom, best friend, or sister when was the last time she did a self-exam.
  • Remind your dad, brother, or husband that men get breast cancer also!
  • Donate a blanket, socks, scarves or magazines to a breast clinic.  It gets cold in chemo rooms!
  • Learn your family history.
  • Talk to your daughter about breast health. It’s never too early.
  • If you know someone who is battling breast cancer, or is a Survivor, ask them how they are doing? And MEAN IT!  Ask them to share their story.  It may be painful to hear, but you could learn something.
  • Wear pink one day, in support of those who are fighting breast cancer.

These things are free.

During October, there will be a barrage of available products to support awareness and finding a Cure.  You will get an email or a call asking for a donation.  That is a necessary part of any awareness campaign.  Do what works for you.  But do something.

Be present in October. Be aware. Be educated.  It could save your life.

Think about it.

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