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What did YOU do?

1 Nov

Pink Ink…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is officially over!  What did you do?  Did you wear pink? Did you walk a Race? Buy a product? Get a mammogram? Nothing?  One of the things I did was  PinkItOut for 31 days! Yes, I wore PINK for 31 days!

Some people said, “We get it. You had breast cancer. “ Others said “Oh, that’s cute.”  But no one asked me “Why?” 

Yes, I am a Survivor and yes, pink can be cute.  But that’s not why I did it.  This past February, Star Jones inspired me.  You see, she wore red for a month as a way to promote heart health after she had heart surgery.  “I learned late in life that my heart health is my greatest asset.”  She said when asked why it was important to her.  Each day that she wore red, it prompted someone to ask her about it, or comment on it.  She used her celebrity for good!  As an American Heart Association Ambassador, I knew about National Wear Red Day.  But I loved that her simple act of wearing red created dialog!

Could I do the same thing?  Given that none of my friends asked me why I was rocking pink for a month, one could argue that I was not effective.  After all, I am no celebrity. My friends checked Instagram just to see if I could keep it up.  Again, they thought, “Ok, we get it! You have breast cancer! “  But even if no one “got it”, I “got it”.  I know breast health is a lifestyle, not just a month.  Choosing something pink EVERY DAY, forced me to take action.  The small action of choosing something pink, led me to think about breast health and awareness the moment I got up!  The small step of choosing pink motivated me each and every day to think, talk, tweet, and write about breast health. (For all 31 days, check out “pinkwellchick” on Instagram)

Am I glad I am done wearing pink for a few days? Yes!  But I am even stronger in my belief that breast health is more than a month.  It is a…lifestyle!

What did YOU do?

Think about it

27 Sep


Pink Ink…

Breast Cancer Awareness Glass

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Even though kickoff is still 4 days away, you may already feel inundated or tired of all the pink ribbons, products, and calls for pledges or a Cure.

The truth of the matter is that Breast Cancer Awareness is not just one month.  As a Survivor, I think I speak for many, when I say we are aware of our breast health every day, all year.  For women, breast health awareness must become a lifestyle.

A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer approximately every 69 seconds.

Every 69 seconds.

If you don’t want to participate in a Race in October, that’s ok.  But do something.  Some thoughts:

  • Schedule a mammogram.
  • Do a self-exam.
  • Ask your mom, best friend, or sister when was the last time she did a self-exam.
  • Remind your dad, brother, or husband that men get breast cancer also!
  • Donate a blanket, socks, scarves or magazines to a breast clinic.  It gets cold in chemo rooms!
  • Learn your family history.
  • Talk to your daughter about breast health. It’s never too early.
  • If you know someone who is battling breast cancer, or is a Survivor, ask them how they are doing? And MEAN IT!  Ask them to share their story.  It may be painful to hear, but you could learn something.
  • Wear pink one day, in support of those who are fighting breast cancer.

These things are free.

During October, there will be a barrage of available products to support awareness and finding a Cure.  You will get an email or a call asking for a donation.  That is a necessary part of any awareness campaign.  Do what works for you.  But do something.

Be present in October. Be aware. Be educated.  It could save your life.

Think about it.

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