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Save the Date! Sept. 26th is PWCF “Bag it for the Cause” Day of Service in a city near you!

11 Aug


What is the Bag It for the Cause™ Day of Service?

The Pinkwellchick Foundation, Inc.’s Bag It™ for the Cause Day of Service is PWCF’s inaugural annual service initiative to assemble and to distribute complimentary Barb’s Bagof Care & Comfort chemotherapy bags to cancer treatment infusion centers for female chemo patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

This year, Bag It™ for the Cause is Saturday, September 26, 2015. Barb’s Bag Ambassadors will lead gatherings in six cities: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Phoenix. We need YOU to make this service initiative a grand success. This initiative is #AllforBarb and the countless women in under-served communities diagnosed with breast cancer and facing chemotherapy every day.

Volunteer. Donate. Sponsor. Use the links below for more information and please spread the word!

About Bag It™ for the Cause Ambassador™?

The 2015 Cities and Ambassadors

Get involved to support Bag It for the Cause™?


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Gather Your Strength

26 Nov

Gather Your Strength, Commit to the “Now”

Guest Post by Tonya M. Evans (Originally posted at WisdomintheWhisper.com)

Guest ink …

“In many ways, not knowing what the future has in store brings out in us the qualities we need to grow. For example, it would have been difficult to commit yourself to certain people or projects if you knew they wouldn’t ultimately work out. Yet, it was through your commitment to see them through that you experienced the lessons you needed to grow. Looking back on your life, you would likely be hard pressed to say that anything in your past should not have happened. In fact, your most challenging experiences with their inevitable lessons may have ultimately brought you the greatest rewards. Not knowing the future keeps us just where we need to be—fully committed and in the present moment.” ~ Madisyn Taylor ~

Ever wondered why you aren’t shown the truth about the purpose or final result of any given experience on your spiritual journey?

Someone comes into your life and you want to know with certainty they are “the one” and how it will all work out, for example. Or you want clarity on why tragedy strikes, or why you suffered disappointment or loss or test results that break your heart … or why all that seemed so certain completely unravels leaving you confounded, confused and — worse still — vulnerable.

We crave a sense of control — even if it’s false — to feel like we are on sure footing with a clear plan and path from point A to point B. But our plans, grounded in our human-ness, never include all the information. They can’t. Yes, we have free will but we are a creation, created based on a “higher”, divinely inspired plan. So the point of it all, perhaps, is to constantly (re)align our will with the Divine. We do so in the present moment, the “NOW”. Continue reading

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