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It’s Mammo Monday

24 Sep

Pink Ink…

I got my 1st mammogram a few years ago when I turned 40.  Honestly, I didn’t think much about it.  I heard it hurt.  Some people use that as an excuse not to get them!  But frankly, after nursing for 13 months, I figured, how bad could it really hurt?  I always say each person’s journey is unique.  This was no different. The appointment came and went without incidence.  In fact, what I remember is looking around the waiting room and seeing all the scared faces.  I have had a few mammos since then, and that has not changed.  Sometimes the fear of the mammo itself can create its own anxiety.  I have also have met so many who don’t really understand what mammos are or do.

Last year only 53% of American women over 40 had a mammogram.  Unacceptable! So today, the quick and dirty.

  • Mammograms, or as I like to say “mammos” are a non-invasive type of x-ray, used to help detect breast cancer at an early stage.
  • The best thing about mammos is that they can often detect tumors before they can be felt through self or clinical exam.
  • The exposure to radiation is minimal.  It’s like getting your teeth or chest x-rayed.
  • You can ALWAYS tell the tech to EASE the pressure.  Don’t be scared to speak up!
  • While they ARE the most powerful tool in the detection of breast cancer, they cannot be done in a vacuum! Don’t forget monthly self-breast exams and yearly clinical exams!
    • A clear mammo doesn’t mean you are IN the clear.  I found my lump only months after a clear mammo.  It was the size of a water bottle cap.
  • It is STILL recommended that women over 40 get mammos ever year or 2.  If you have a family history of breast cancer talk to your health care provider about getting them sooner.
  • Ask questions! If you don’t understand what they are looking for, or what the results say, SAY SOMETHING.  Remember, there is no “dumb question”.
  • Finally, there are places that provide free or low cost mammos to undiagnosed women. Call your local health department or local Susan G. Komen™ affiliate for more information!

A few minutes of pressure can save your life!

Remember, mammograms can save your life! Schedule yours today!

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