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Best Medicine

15 Jan

Pink Ink…

What do we do when we are faced with life crises?  We all have them at some point in our lives.  At a certain age, people begin to expect these life tests.  A parent’s passing.  Divorce.  Health issues.  The loss of a job.  But often, a life test or crisis is not what we expect it to be.  It hits you when you least “expect” it.  What do you?  How do you wade through the deep waters?

My “life test” came when I was diagnosed with terminal metastatic in my lung in November.  I mentioned before, that it was just 5 months after finishing treatment for breast cancer.  Within the week, my play “big sis”, who happens to be a doctor in great shape, learned she had a life changing illness. A bit later, another close friend faced an unforeseen crisis with her beloved child.  We were all grounded for several weeks, shocked at these life-altering events, mourning our previous existence.  At some point, we each sat with our hands in our heads, crying, and asking God, how do we go on. Eventually, you do.  Eventually, you must.  You find your fuel and get moving.

Today, I was fueled in my fight by four different sources.

  • Breast Cancer Survivor, Hoda Kotb was on TV promoting her new book about six people who each faced a life crisis and subsequently transformed their lives.  While the stories were certainly moving, the thing that stuck with me was Hoda’s advice. “Don’t miss your magic moment”. 

Good advice.

  • Next, I learned that Stuart Scott revealed his cancer is back, and he is again in chemo. One of his tweets this morning read: “Here’s what I do right aftr chemo.  Leave the infusion center and go STRAIGHT to either do a p90x wkout or train MMA.  That’s how you #LIVESTRONG”

Again, good advice and great attitude. (I’m slacking!)

  • Robin Roberts announced she is coming back to TV in February.

Need I say more?  Her energy, focus, and faith are inspiring.

  • Finally, a friend I met on Twitter moved me.  Stylist to the stars, June Ambrose, connected us almost a year ago. Both “M” and I had tweeted about being bald and wearing turbans. June connected our tweets, and a long distance friendship developed.  A fellow Survivor, I was moved by “M’s” tweet: “I woke up today on one! It’s clear to me that, in spite of, I have been given everything, EVERYTHING, that I have prayed for. #Perspective”

No truer words could have been written.

The next time you are faced with a life crisis, and are looking for the road out of pain and darkness perhaps this will help fuel you.

  • Remember it’s ok to have a brief pity party.  Acknowledge the pain. Don’t hide from it. It will slow you down.  After the pity party, GET UP!  If you can’t…
  • Ask for help. You are never alone.
  • Push through the sadness and remember there are people who love you and will help you live through the journey.
  • Find your fuel, then…FIGHT!

Everyday, I pull fuel from different places.   As Dr. Tierona Dogi says…

Life is your…best medicine!

I am back

8 Jan

Editors note:

In late November I was diagnosed with Metastatic Cancer in the Lung.  It hit my family like an anvil, as I was only 5 months out of treatment for my original breast cancer.  I shut down for the last weeks of 2012.  I had to wrap my mind around this diagnosis, and how it would inevitably change my life and those around me.  Fortunately my “anchors” stepped up, held my hand, and guided me through the numbing pain and sadness.  For that I am grateful because now, I am back.  Sometimes, we need the time to grieve, plan…and move forward.  Thank you for your patience!


Pink Ink…

“Even when we can’t see, we know how to feed ourselves.  Even when the way isn’t clear, the heart still pumps.  Even when afraid, the air of everything enters and leaves the lungs.  Even when clouds grow thick, the sun still pours its light earthward.” -Mark Nepo

During my darkest days, one of my closest friends sent me The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.  It is a book of daily affirmations, and lessons on how to be present in your life.  For about five minutes I was skeptical.  But I quickly realized that this was the time that I needed to be open and needed to live…in the present.  Today’s lesson reminded me that “we have inner reflexes that keep us alive, deep impulses of being and aliveness that work beneath the hardships we are struggling with.”  It reminded me that even through this current struggle, my natural instinct is to live!

I have forced myself over these last few weeks to live everyday.  There have been times that have been tough.  But finally, there have been days that I have forgotten that I have cancer…again.

I laugh. I love. I live.


My friends…I am back!

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